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Exclusive Weights
Not only does Norcangold offer the largest selection of gold weights and sizes, we are also the only mint in the world that strike certain weight bars. For example, 1/4 grain, 1/2 grain, 7.5 grain, one Pennyweight or DWT, and 25 grain gold bars. As far as we are aware, these sizes are only manufactured by Benchmark Strategic Metals.

Our Standards

Norcangold takes great pride in offering the greatest number of sizes of fractional pure gold bars to the Canadian general public.  We offer the largest selection of sizes and weights as a measure of providence for making change when financial times are bad and there is really no good way to accurately break down large bars of precious metals without  waste and loss. All of our sizes are usually on hand and ready for shipping to fill our customer’s needs in a timely fashion.

At Benchmark we purchase larger bars of pure gold Assayed and sealed from reputable LBMA sources. Once the gold is in house, it is inspected with a Sigma Identifier and then again using a Niton XRF gold analyzer.

Our die-blanks, jigs, and fixtures are made in house in our Tool room.  We try to make as much as possible in house so we can control our tolerances to insure accuracy and save on tooling to help keep our products affordable and at a competitive price level. Doing this allows us to offer a product which meets or exceeds industry standards.

Every bar of gold is weighed and checked using highly precise, laboratory grade: Ohaus, Mettler, and Sartorius scales which are accurate to .1 mg. The scales are calibrated with traceable standards. This is done to insure that a Benchmark customer is getting the product they are paying for.