Pure Silver 1 Ounce 99.99 Fine 1 Ounce Proof Element Design

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Up for your approval is a lovely and useful 1 ounce pure silver PROOF. Perfect for preppers and stackers alike or for those who just want to increase their stack because they are unhappy with a weak silver position in these VERY UNCERTAIN TIMES! This beautiful PURE SILVER bullion will serve as a barter device when the only thing paper money will be good for is; the heat it will produce when it burns! At the rate the federal reserve is printing money It might not be a very long time before this silver ounce will buy a meal for you and your family!! This expertly minted coin has a reeded edge and is so attractive with a mirror like surface, it will become a showpiece of your stack that you can be proud of! Beautiful Lady Liberty on the obverse. On the reverse is a perfect elemental design denoting SILVER!!